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All American Armor Global – Ballistic Products Fort Lauderdale, FL

Revolutionary Ballistic Glass

 Protect the people charged with keeping us all safe when you equip your buildings and vehicles with our revolutionary Ballistic Products. All American Armor Global, located in Fort Lauderdale, FL, is an industry leader when it comes to designing and manufacturing products for law enforcement , military partners, educators, and others .

 Sit down with our sales team and start a discussion about your organizational needs. We are eager to develop a plan that keeps your officers, military personnel, and students’ safe when it matters school door barricades is just one of the products we offer. Our products are adaptable for vehicles and installations that support a variety of industries. Discover how our ballistic products are integrated into the needs of those in the equine, aviation, and marine industries.

 Your safety and convenience is our priority.   Learn more about same-day heavy freight shipping on all in-stock items. We also offer same-day starts for customized fabrication.

Secure any establishment from immediate dangers and potential threats.
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Making the World Safer

 Get a clear view of the threats you face when you build with our glass shields and school door barricades. Through a groundbreaking new formula, our group manufactures glass panels that are 100% optically clear. You won't have to worry about your windshields clouding or turning green over time. You get clear glass that is light enough for operational flexibility.

 Our ballistic products are customizable for a number of functions. Each of these ballistic window panels is cut to fit the vehicles you use every day. We use some of the most advanced precision machines to cut each panel to the desired size. After a full meeting with your team, we can begin cutting your panels and matching the color scheme of your organization.

 Our contractors do everything they can to make the ballistic products you purchase fit your needs. As certified ballistic products general contractors, we are equipped for complete builds or retrofits. Our detachable windows and panels can be modified with our full line of non-toxic heat resistant coatings and sprays. These formulas have multiple applications. We also carry products that make security less intrusive and more aesthetically pleasing.

About Us

All American Armor Global is revolutionizing the ballistic products protection industry. All American Armor Global is an American owned and operated business with a wide range of ballistic products certified by the National Institute of Justice. The NIJ is the industry standard for ballistic testing. Our ballistic glass hasn’t just met NIJ standards, it has exceeded it! When it comes to your safety, don’t settle for anything less than the best. We have a global patent, and we are clearer, lighter and stronger than the competition.

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The unique glass formulas developed by our scientists are the only ones of their kind on the market today. Our glass is the only one in existence that is 100% optically clear. This means our glass will never turn green, cloud, fog or become difficult to see through. The unique glass formula is also the lightest ballistic product on the market at 6.8 lbs. per square foot in the 1-inch thick option. We have a variety of thicknesses and threat levels to choose from. We have been multi-shot tested and exceed government requirements up to the highest threat levels, and we have the certificates to prove it. 

 Our glass can also be customized in a variety of ways. Our precision machines can cut each panel to any size desired. This allows for new builds or for existing structures to be retrofitted, depending on your budget. Our glass can also be painted to match or blend with any currently existing structures or the environment. This presents a number of customizable options to make your security less intrusive and more aesthetically pleasing.

 We currently have a wide range of ballistic products from detachable ballistic windows for police/military vehicles, to rolling ballistic panels for high-risk police/military operations, to school and office doors to complete building and barricade systems for commercial and government facilities and structures. We are also certified ballistic products general contractors and can offer complete builds or retrofits. We are fully licensed and insured for nationwide installation.

 In addition to glass panels, we also offer a full line of protection products in soft armor and fabrics. These lightweight accessories are both portable and practical, designed with the first responder’s utmost safety and usability in mind. Our existing ballistic products include everything from backpacks to briefcases to emergency ballistic blankets with adjustable pouches for first aid and life-saving supplies.

 We also offer a full line of non-toxic heat resistant coatings and sprays, reinforcing sprays for added strength, and heat reduction sprays. Our sales team can discuss multiple applications based on your needs with these non-toxic sprays and coatings for our ballistic products.

 Our factory can offer same day heavy freight shipping on all in-stock items or same day fabrication start on any custom orders.

 At All American Armor Global , our mission is to create industry-leading ballistic products that revolutionize ballistic protection. Your safety and satisfaction have always been and always will be our highest priority. Our sales team would be honored to arrange a meeting with you to discuss your needs. With applications for law enforcement, military, commercial construction, aviation, equine and marine industries, we look forward to serving all your needs and making this world a safer place for us all.


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