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School Kids

School Safety Products

Unfortunately in today’s world, we need to be concerned about school shootings. The sad reality is that these incidents keep occurring. According to the Department of Homeland Security research, the average active shooter incident at a school lasts 12.5 minutes. According to the same study, police response can be up to 18 minutes, even longer for SWAT teams. Our line of ballistic protection is designed to help mitigate injury or death in the event the unthinkable happens. We also design these doors and panels to be discreet so as not to interfere with learning and peace of mind. Our panels can be cut to retrofit existing school doors, classroom doors, removable undermount desk shields, and many more options. Budgets are a concern for everyone; retrofitting existing structures can help school districts keep costs down. In addition, our line of school products, are priced with our children’s safety in mind, not corporate profits. Our sales team will work with you to fit your budget; we believe that everyone’s child should be protected regardless of budget.


Our backpacks are designed to look like an average everyday backpack; however, it discreetly conceals soft ballistic armor. They are lightweight and practical while providing protection in the event of an incident where fleeing becomes necessary.

Ballistic Doors

We can provide ballistic glass cut to fit any door or window. Whether it is the front doors of the school, each individual classroom door or a safe room, we can customize the panels to suit your existing structure.

Undermount Desk Shields

We recently read a news article that described how a school is testing out providing students with a ballistic shield. While we love the idea, as parents we can each envision how frightening that may be for a child to carry around. We have designed a shield that can be mounted under a desk or chair and accessed at a moments notice. While not in use, the shield is discreetly concealed underneath a desk or chair, minimizing the emotional effects for the student.


Our panels have been made into a large teacher’s desk which can be etched or painted to match any décor for subtle protection. The lightweight desk can be overturned to provide a large shield of ballistic protection in the event students, and teachers are sheltering in place.

Emergency Ballistic Blanket/Gun Shot Wound Kit

The same product for our police officers can also be applicable in the school system. The emergency bag unzips to provide six feet of soft ballistic protection while holding immediate life-saving equipment. Pouches holding tourniquets and gunshot wound bandaging can prolong life, extending the likelihood of survival waiting for emergency personnel to reach a victim.