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Police Products

The nature of police work has always been inherently dangerous; however, the threat to our nation’s law enforcement officers is at an all-time high. Officers are sometimes ambushed on calls for service or while simply sitting in their patrol cars. The mission of All American Armor Global is to provide Police Departments with ballistic protection options for their officers that are highly effective, practical and cost-efficient.

Ballistic Window Panels

The trademark police product is our Ballistic Window Panels. In years past, the idea of bulletproof windows in a police car was unattainable. The glass was bulky, rendered the window inoperable and cost-probihitive. Our scientists have developed a superior quality glass panel rated to NIJ Level IV protection. The panels can be installed in seconds and are also completely removable  or can be lef in place usingthe safety straps. The unique design means that the panels do not need to be permanently affixed to the vehicle and there is no structural alteration when installed. This allows the windows to still be functional for the officer and reduces costs to departments.

Anti-Ambush Headrest

The combination of anti-police rhetoric and the advancements in electronic police report writing have placed our nation’s police officers at an increased risk. Officers are spending more and more time inside  their vehicles with their attention focused on a computer screen for report writing. Our ballistic headrest is designed to prevent injury or death from a rear ambush. The headrest is similar to the ballistic Window Panels as it is completely removable and does not require any alteration the police vehicle to be installed. The adjustable nylon carrier slips over the existing headrest and provides NIJ Level IV protection to the officer’s head and upper torso. In addition, the headrest has a handle attached to it for ease of removal. In the event of an ambush, the officer has the ability to pull the panel off and use it as a shield while exiting their vehicle, providing an extra layer of ballistic protection.

Gun Shot Wound Emergency Bag

We are really excited about the possibilities and versatility of this product. The emergency bag is designed to hold paperwork and other mundane products for daily use, but it actually has hidden ballistic panels inside. In the event of an officer down emergency, the bag can be fully unzipped and extends to over six feet of ballistic protection, essentially becoming a ballistic blanket. We also added molly straps to the inside and it can be customized to add pouches containing tourniquets, GSW kits or any other emergency supplies the organization wants to add. 

Portable Rolling SWAT Panel

SWAT teams have shields that are heavy and cumbersome to use. We have developed an optically clear NIJ Level IV panel that is rollable with push bars and large enough to fit up to 4 officers behind its protection. The life-saving potential of this product is endless. It will keep officers safer while serving  search warrants, during an officer down tragedy,  a barricaded subject or even during an active shooter event.